2023-2024 Committee Chairs

The list of needs a volunteer can fill is endless and the special talents of volunteers cannot be purchased. Every community has available talent and resources that will benefit the PTA and, in turn, the students. People will be more supportive of public education when asked to share some of their time as volunteers. A volunteer can be many things: a role model for students, an extra pair of hands to help teachers or staff, and a liaison between the school and community.

Who Can Be a Volunteer?
Working parents, stay-at-home parents, young adults, grandparents, basically anyone can be an invaluable PTA volunteer. The volunteer does not have to be a college graduate and can be young or middle-aged, work outside the home or within the home, or be retired. Just complete the Auburn School District Volunteer Application, and join the LHE PTA. 

Standing Committees

STAR Reading (Kinder & 1st)
Chair: Katrina Terada
(2 co-chairs) Stand Tall And Read (STAR) is our at-home reading program for kindergarten students. Students read or are read to at home, tally their minutes on the provided sheet and turn them in to their teacher at the end of each month. Prizes are awarded to students as they achieve the different award levels. This program runs October thru May. Volunteers are needed to tally student sheets each month. Time Commitment: 2-3 hrs/month

Art Program
Chair: - open -
(2 co-chairs and 1 parent volunteer per classroom) The PTA Art Program offers every student, grades 1-5, a brief introduction to fine art, followed by an art or craft project, each month. This lesson is in addition to any art or craft project the teacher already offers. One adult volunteer from each class give a preplanned lesson from a provided "Art Pals" book. No artistic skill or prior knowledge is needed to be your child's classroom volunteer. Time Commitment: 1x/month

Chairs: PTA Board
(2 co-chairs and several volunteers) The purpose of the fundraising committee is to raise funds for the many school programs which PTA supports. It is our goal to have one fundraiser per school year - typically in the fall. Volunteers are needed to create packets, hand out prizes, and distribute product when it arrives at school for delivery. Time Commitment: 2-3 weeks/semester

Chair: Emily Lowery
(2 co-chairs and a few volunteers) PTA membership drive at Open House needs volunteers to sign up members for the school year. Chair will monitor online membership applications monthly. The membership committee also creates name tags for new members throughout the school year. Time Commitment: 1-2 hrs/month; more in May & September

Pat on the Back
Chairs: Janet Oiseth
(3-4 co-chairs and Mrs. Barlow's hand) Every student is given a Pat-on-the-Back shirt their first year at LHE. Students earn a "pat" throughout the school year for various reasons, determined by the staff. Replacement shirts may be purchased for $6 as needed. These shirts are often worn on spirit days, field trips, etc.

Box Tops for Education 
Chair: No Chair Required

The Box Tops program used to require cutting and mailing  UPC codes from qualifying purchases, but now there's an app you can use much easier. Download the Box Tops for Education App for free and choose Lakeland Hills Elementary as your school. Then you can take a picture of your receipts and the app automatically gives your school money for your qualifying purchases. 

Spirit Wear
Chair: - open -
(2 co-chairs) Spirit Wear is ordered in the fall and sometimes in the spring. Sweatshirts, hoodies, tee shirts, and socks may be available for purchase. Go Wildcats! Time Commitment: 2-3 weeks in the fall

Staff Appreciation
Chairs: - Andrew Mcguder and Jared Stueckle
(2 co-chairs and several volunteers) Staff Appreciation coordinates 3-4 luncheons for LHE teachers and staff during the school year. Volunteers donate or make items for each luncheon, depending on the theme selected by committee chairs. Time Commitment: 2-3 hrs in Sept & Nov. 1 week in May

Chairs: Susan Bae
(2-3 co-chairs and several volunteers) Take pictures at school events and in classrooms during the school year to combine with student pictures for the annual yearbook. Volunteers are needed to take and submit photos to the co-chairs. Time Commitment: 1-2 hrs/month, more in May


Ad Hoc Committees



Book Fair
Chair: - open -
(1-2 co-chair plus several volunteers) We sponsor two book fairs each year; one in the fall and one in the spring. Out book fairs are about connecting students with books they want to read. We have many volunteer opportunities: setting up, working before and after school shop times, working during kindergarten and 1st grade classroom times, and taking down on the last day of book fair. We need many volunteers to make the book fairs run smoothly. Time Commitment: 1 week in November & April

Chair: Fiorella Giron
(2 co-chairs plus several volunteers) Carnival takes place in the spring. This event includes bouncy houses, games, activities, and food ticket sales. Time Commitment: 3-4 weeks in the spring

Family Fun Nights
Chairs: - Valerie Diamond, Laura Stuckle, Robin Purdey, Britney Craig
(2 co-chairs and some volunteers) The Social Committee organizes events though-out the school year for LHE families. Some of the events are movie nights, sporting events (Mariners, Rainiers, Thunderbird games) and game nights. Time Commitment: 3-4 hrs each trimester

Financial Review
Chairs: - open -
The Financial Review Committee is made up of 2 or 3 PTA members and 1-2 teachers. For a few hours, twice a year, they meet to review the financial records and present a report to the General Membership. In January, this committee reviews and reports on the July-December records. By September, they review and prepare a report on the January-June records. Time Commitment: 4hrs, 2x/year

Giving Tree
Chair: Janet Oiseth
(1-2 co-chairs and several volunteers) During fall conferences, a tree is set up in the main lobby with gift requests for several LHE families. These families are identified by Mrs. Roberson and Mrs. Barlow. Volunteers are needed at the Giving Tree to help families select tags during conferences. Volunteers are also needed to help gift wrap all of the donations. Time Commitment: 1 week in November & December

Holiday Shop
Chairs: Jared and Laura Stueckle
(2 co-chairs and several volunteers) A shop is set up in the main lobby of the school for a week in December for students to purchase low-cost gifts for their families and friends for the holidays. Participation is optional! Volunteers are needed to help students select gifts and add up purchases/manage their budget. Time Commitment: 2 weeks in December


Chair: Emily Lowery
(2 co-chairs) Students submit artwork though various forms of expression: music, photography, visual art and literature. They compete on a school, district, state and national level. Organizers line up judges and plan an award ceremony for participants, then enter the winners into the WA State PTA level contest. Time Commitment: 5-10 hrs/month in Sept-Nov


Chair: - open -, Kelsey Bonham
Three members are elected to the Nominating Committee at the September or November General meeting. This committee works together to select and present the nominations for the coming school year's Executive Board. Elections are held at the March General Meeting. Time Commitment: 1hr/month

Chairs: Mani Sok-Anderson
(1 chair and several volunteers) On Popcorn Fridays, students can receive bags of popcorn from the PTA! Kindergarteners are also free; 1st-5th graders can purchase a card giving them popcorn for the entire school year. Several volunteers are needed to help distribute popcorn on Popcorn Fridays. Time Commitment: 3 hrs/month

Science Fair
Chair: -open-
(1 chair and several volunteers) Students have the option of competition in a school-wide science fair (it is mandatory for 5th grade students). On the night of the science fair, experiments are displayed and several stations are set up for families to participate in hands-on experiments. Volunteers are needed to evaluate experiments during the day, run experiment stations and help with set up and tear down. Time Commitment: TBD

Spelling Bee
Chair: - open -
Students in second through fifth grades are eligible to participate.  Classroom competitions are held in May to determine the three winners in each class, and those three winners go on to complete in the grade-wide Spelling Bee.  Each of the classroom winners receive a rootbeer float at the June competition, and the winner for each grade receives a fun prize.  Spectators are welcome!  Time Commitment: TBD

Summer Reading Olympics
Chairs: Katrina Terada                           

(2 co-chairs and a few volunteers)  Copy and distribute Summer Reading logs at Kindergarten Screening and to students in June. Tally up sheets in September for rewards and coordinate pizza party for winning classroom. Time Commitment: 2-3 hrs in May, 1 week in September

Popsicles & Play
Chair: - open -
(1 chair plus several volunteers)
A beginning of the year event for new Kindergarten students and parents. Join the PTA at school for popsicles and playing on the playground at this super casual get-together! Time Commitment: 1 week in August